Spray Pal Splatter Shield

•Easily use your sprayer on the highest pressure setting to get diapers SUPER clean.
•Folds flat for easy, compact storage. Slip into a wetbag or tuck it away.
•Easy to clean, just squirt with your favourite cleaner and spray off.
•No need to touch anything inside the toilet. Use one hand to hold the clip and one hand to spray.
•Keeps dirty backsplash off your walls and floor!
•Works with any form of sprayer — brandname, DIY, and even a detachable shower head.
Sales price: R 425,00
  • Why is a Spray Pal so special?

    The Spray Pal was invented by a cloth diapering mom AND dad who collaborated to make it the most effective at stopping splatter and the most efficient for cleaning, storing, and shipping to customers. It is assembled
    in California, a local shop does most of the production.

    It is made from the highest quality polyethylene which is composed of 50% post consumer recycled plastic. It is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. It is strong enough to allow you to bend the Spray Pal as much as you need to squeeze the excess water out.Speaking of water, we made sure to use only 100% aluminium materials in our clip and rivets. Sure it might cost a bit more, but this will guarantee that they won’t rust after years of use and exposure to water from the diaper sprayer.

     Spray Pal went through many designs and prototypes before they came to the current product which meets their high standards for helping parents spray cloth diapers easily.

Spray Pal Dimensions


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